Rengel is a commercial printer located in St.Cloud, MN. Rengel came to Adventure for a brand refresh and a promotional printed piece. For the brand we wanted to focus on their detail oriented craft and legacy. Rengel has been around for about 100 years. So we created a brand that spoke to their tradition of craft. The simplified shield shape combined with the overlapping monogram recognizes their history while still feeling modern and simple.

Their previous promotional printed piece was a folder containing their printed samples and sheets of paper with their information. We thought this was a great opportunity to showcase their printing abilities while also creating something people would use/keep. So we created a notebook with sections of information scattered though out the book. The pattern on the cover was inspired by the idea of "craft" and creating a work of art that felt both retro and modern similar to the logo.

Work done while at Adventure
CD: Mike Fetrow

Rengel Printing Co.