I have always loved the convenience and accessibility of fast food. But being a vegetarian throws a wrench into that whole idea. I always wanted a quick drive through place where I could get a full meal on the go. So I created King Carrot, a vegetarian focused fast food restaurant.

King Carrot not only makes you rethink what a burger can be but also makes you rethink what fast food can be. Instead of it leading you away from your diet goals why can’t it help you by specifically targeting the benefits you want to obtain from your meal? The menu is sorted into three categories, balance, spirit, and power. Simply pick your meal attribute and choose from a variety of veggie burger and salad options.

It’s your body, treat it like royalty.

Personal Project

King Carrot


This category focuses on meals that are well rounded and provide a lot of nutrients that you may not get day to day. The category hero is a yogi whose character represents wisdom and balance. The accompanying icons represent symmetry, joy, and balance.


This category focuses on boosting you up and giving you a bit of natural energy. The category hero is a runner because of his speed and agility. The accompanying icons represent energy, momentum and spirit.


This category focuses on fulfilling meals that will help  power your workout. I chose a roller derby player for the category hero because of their strength and determined mindset. The accompanying icons represent strength, passion and power.

Spirit category veggie burger