Wood + Water is a furniture and home decor brand, created by my friend, Ashley Mellgren. They specifically focus on creating beautiful hand crafted, wooden products. Looking to establish a brand for herself, Ashley came to me for help.

The furniture and decor aesthetic is very rustic and cozy. All pieces would live comfortably in a Minnesotan cabin on the lake. With that in mind we played with multiple names that represented that cabin vibe until we landed on Wood + Water. The selected mark fits the name beautifully by combining both the wood and water elements together.

Freelance Project

Wood + Water


logo concept 1

This concept is a play on the two w's and ampersand in the brand name. The resulting mark felt very strong and modern.

logo concept 2

This was another take on how we could combine both the wood and water elements in a different way, combining tree rings and ripples in an abstract w shape.